Marta – Backoffice & Planning

Meet Marta - Backoffice & Planning

Marta has been working in Hollcert’s office since 2019. There, she keeps an eye on everything and is an important link within the ins and outs of Hollcert. She is enthusiastic, takes the time to speak to customers properly and as clearly as possible, and knows how to keep all plates spinning in the air. Besides hard work, sociability is also very important. “Carpe Diem” is therefore her motto.

Can you take us back to your childhood?

Yes indeed. I had a fantastic childhood. In my youth, Poland was still a communist country and everything was on coupons. My mother was a history teacher and my father had various jobs, from caretaker to driver to security guard. It was always cosy at our house. My mother always had creative solutions to make something out of nothing for my brother and me. We also visited relatives a lot to help each other out. I enjoyed all those outings. After primary school, I went to study at the Agricultural University.

How did you end up in the Netherlands?

For love. In my student days (2000), my niece got married in Poland. And there was an attractive Dutchman there, best friend of the groom. And so from one wedding came another wedding. I remember my first visit to the Netherlands well. I had visited almost all European countries during my travels, except the Netherlands. How grey and cold I found it. I was impressed by the 50 guilder note. Sunflowers were my favourite. In 2003, I graduated and moved to the Netherlands. After arriving, I immediately started the integration course. I never had any problems with integration and immediately got on well with Dutch people. In addition to the integration course, I worked for a lady with MS. She taught me wise life lessons and my Dutch improved by leaps and bounds.

Which path did you take before starting at Hollcert?

After completing the integration course, I started working as an intermediary and planner. Later, I switched to another company where I enjoyed working for 10 years. In addition, I occasionally helped as an interpreter. Since September 2019, I joined Hollcert to work in the back office and planning.

What do you get energy from at Hollcert?

Contact with people. And I really mean all people, so companies, individuals, colleagues of all different nationalities. I love that variety. Plus the ability to switch quickly between Dutch, Polish and English. Planning is where my strength lies. The challenge is to arrange things in such a way that they are good for everyone.

Marta HollcertWhat makes you proud?

My family. We got married in 2006 and in 2009 I became the proud mother of our son. Great to see him develop into a young adult. Our daughter was born in 2012. A lovely creative girl.

Apart from that, I am also super proud of my family. After serious illnesses, they all recovered. This has also taught me not to plan life itself, but to seize every day with 2 hands. “Carpe diem and enjoy every day anew” is therefore definitely my life motto.

So my ultimate dream for the future is that everyone may stay healthy, then the rest will come naturally.