Piotrek – trainer forklift trucks and VCA

Meet Piotrek - trainer for forklift trucks and VCA

Piotrek has been working for Hollcert as a full time trainer in English and Polish language for truck and VCA courses since 2018. Since 2015 he was already available as a ZZP ‘er on the weekends. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays he is free and takes care of his family.

Can you tell us something about yourself?

Yes indeed, I was born in Poland and had a normal childhood there. After studying Transport & Logistics, I had several jobs in Poland. I tried everything that was available. In 2011, I met my current wife Weronika. Together, we decided to look for work outside the Polish border in 2013. Through a cousin of my wife, we ended up in the Netherlands. We now have two children together and are expecting our third at the end of 2022. I like to spend my free time with my family. I am also going to start motorcycling.

What experience have you had in the Netherlands?

My first job was in the coating line at a metal factory. Here I was the only Polish employee and still unsure how to speak English. Because of this, I had little connection with the colleagues. I did get my first forklift experience here. After six months, I started working as an order picker, and more jobs followed. Then my mother said “Why don’t you specialise in forklift trucks?” I was actually aiming for an office job, but I decided to follow my mother’s advice. That’s how I got all my truck certifications at Hollcert in 2015.

How did you become a forklift truck trainer at Hollcert?

I knew 1 of the trainers at Hollcert and a few weeks after I got all the certificates myself, I was approached if I was interested in becoming a trainer myself. That seemed like a lot of fun. I am always looking for a challenge and want to learn and try everything. So I was first trained internally as an instructor, after which I started working as a trainer in the weekends. Until 2018, I worked 7 days a week because of this. Since 2018, I work as a full time instructor at Hollcert.

What makes you enjoy your job as a trainer so much?

I love having a chat and meeting people. Every day I meet new people with their own stories. One of our tasks as trainers is to ensure that candidates feel at ease as quickly as possible. I like to do that by showing interest in people, with room for a joke of course. I also like new situations. Both with candidates and during InCompany trainings. This mix makes it fun and varied for me.

And all that thanks to your mother’s advice…

Yes! I am very grateful to her. She is always there for me and everyone I love. Not unimportantly, she has not only given me life but also saved my life. A few years ago, I was not feeling well. The doctor thought it was nothing, but my mum didn’t trust it. After tests at her insistence, I turned out to have kidney cancer. Because I caught it in time, I was cured. I’ll always be grateful to my mother for her determination.

What is it like to live at a distance? Do you ever think about returning to Poland?

I like to spend my holidays in Poland with relatives. I would also like to send my children to school in Poland. However, I suspect that their chances in the Dutch business world are better. I canĀ“t look into the future. Perhaps I will spend my retirement in a wooden cabin on a beautiful Polish lake.

What do you like about the Dutch culture?

The directness and therefore clarity of communication. People don’t tell a whole story, they just tell it like it is. I like that. Many people are also willing to help with a smile. If the Dutch could now get to know Polish cuisine, that would be perfect for me!