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VCA course + exam

Hollcert provides a B-VCA course + exam in Polish every Sunday at the location in Waalwijk. Depending on the requests, VCA courses + exams are also offered on other days, in other languages such as Dutch and English and in Eindhoven or in company. Fill in the form below with your wishes and we will contact you as soon as possible about the possibilities.

VCA stands for “The Safety, Health and Environment Checklist for Contractors” or SCC in English and concerns a list of points of attention and working methods in the field of safety and health.

You can choose to follow the VCA-B course at our location via open enrolment. Do you want another VCA training? Please contact us for the possibilities. Register a candidate? Mail us the initials, surname and date of birth of the candidate and you will receive a confirmation including all necessary information

Data VCA course

  • 1-day VCA-B training + exam Polish – every Sunday in Waalwijk – on request in Eindhoven
  • 1-day VCA-B training + exam Dutch – 1x per month in Eindhoven – dates on request
  • 1-day VCA-B training + exam Dutch – 1x per month in Waalwijk – dates on request
  • 1-day VCA-B training + exam English, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Ukrainian (Russian language), Romanian – 1x per month – location and dates on request
  • 1-day VCA-B training + exam – InCompany 7 days a week possible
Poolstalig VCA Basis cursus Hollcert

Obtain your B-VCA (BASIC SCC) certificate

The B-VCA course, which stands for basic training in occupational safety, is intended for practically everyone who has to deal with any kind of risk. B-VCA qualifications are required in construction, transport, petrochemical plants, urban green space and many other sectors. It is a collection of basic safety rules on various topics, such as electricity, welding, legal regulations, dangerous substances, ergonomics at work and much more.

Content VCA-B course

During the training at Hollcert all subjects will be discussed. In the morning we start with theory explanation. After lunch, candidates can take practice exams and ask the trainers questions. At the end of the day (16.00 hrs), the official exam will be taken by an independent examining agency.


Candidates are told immediately whether they have passed. Certificates of successful candidates can be found on the next working day at The original certificate and pass will be sent to our client by post within 5 working days. An VCA certificate is valid for 10 years. To pass the VCA B exam, you need to score at least 2580 points, which is equal to 65% of the total number of points.

VCA course options

The course and examination are also available in foreign languages. Standard examinations are possible in Dutch, German, English, French, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Turkish and Russian. Other non-standard languages are available on request (Arabic, Bulgarian, Greek, Croatian, Italian and Slovak). Hollcert also offers standard read-aloud exams (for all these languages) at no extra cost. The candidate is then given headphones and fills in the answers on the computer himself. Oral exams are possible on request. The exam is then fully oral. Since this requires specialist one-to-one counselling, there are additional costs involved.

Hollcert offers weekly VCA training + exam in Polish. Other standard languages monthly. Please contact us for the latest dates.

VCA VOL training Hollcert Nederlands Engels

Obtain your V-VCA (VOL- VCA) certificate

The VOL- VCA course is an extension of the BASIC SCC course and is intended for people who act as managers, lead a group or supervise the work of employees. The VOL- VCA certificate is a kind of proof that working under the supervision of this person complies with the applicable labour laws. In the Netherlands, the course and examination can only be conducted in one of the four languages: Dutch, English, French and German. For the VCA VOL exam you need to score at least 4515 points, that is 64.5%, to pass.

VCA cursus Hollcert Poolstalig

Obtain your VIL-VCU certificate

The VIL-VCU certificate is intended for people who act as supervisors/managers of temporary employment agencies. The VIL-VCU certificate proves that the rules of administration, delegation and supervision of employees are in accordance with applicable labour law. Together with VIL – VCU, it can be indicated that the employee is aware of the safety requirements imposed on employees. In the Netherlands, this exam can only be taken in Dutch or English. For the VIL VCU exam you need to score at least 4515 points, that is 64.5%, to pass.

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