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Largest training location in the Netherlands

Hollcert has the largest training location in the Netherlands in Waalwijk. Because of the large supply of transport means we can offer many practice opportunities to course participants.

Because of the size of our locations, we can offer every student a starting guarantee. Once you have received confirmation from us, the course or training will always go ahead.

Standard Dutch, English and Polish

Our trainers are fluent in Dutch, Polish and English. Other languages such as German, Romanian and Russian are also possible on request. Hollcert is proud to be a multilingual and multicultural company.


Our instructors adapt the course to the candidate’s level whenever possible. We also consciously do not offer e-learning. Our trainers know for sure that the material has been understood and have a good estimation of the knowledge and motivation of the candidate. There is direct interaction between trainer and candidate and the material will be better remembered by the candidate because of the combination of sound and vision.

Obtaining multiple certificates on 1 day

Our instructors can quickly see if someone is going to pick it up. Often, candidates have already gained experience elsewhere, but their attention was not drawn to the necessity and advantages of a Dutch certificate. Also, students from other countries, such as Poland, are sometimes highly educated so that they quickly pick up the theory and instructions. For these candidates, it is therefore often feasible to obtain several certificates in one day. If our instructors see that someone is really a beginner and needs extra practice, the focus will remain on one means of transport. Certificates are only issued when the instructor sees that, at the end of the day, there is sufficient control to be able to work safely.

Courses in 1 day

Our courses are always 1 day, because you cannot tell in advance how much time someone will need. If we see that someone needs more practice, we will advise an extra day of practical training at a reduced rate. Our courses always start with a theoretical part, after which practice is given. Even if the candidate is experienced. Legislation is sometimes adapted and someone may have developed his own truth. Everyone can always learn something; our trainers see it as a challenge to teach most experienced candidates something new. Sometimes one hour in practice can be enough for someone to show what he can do. There is then more time left to train the less experienced candidates.

Difference between beginner and experienced candidate

At Hollcert, we do not make a distinction between beginner and experienced candidates. Our experience is that candidates want a job. The question if they are experienced will not always be answered correctly. Everyone’s perception of what experienced means can be different. In addition, the difference between one beginner and another can be very large. However, it is possible to request a refresher course for transport equipment when the candidate already has a certificate.

Course day progression:

  • We welcome you on the course day at 8.00 a.m. with coffee/tea. If you arrive late, you may not be admitted and you will have to reschedule through our office.
  • Lunch will be provided by us.
  • End time depends on a number of factors, such as the type of course, motivation and how quickly the material is picked up.
    • For VCA courses, the official exam is usually taken at 16.00 hours. You are finished at 17.00 hours.
    • BHV courses are finished around 16.00 hrs.
    • Transport courses end between 14.00 and 16.00 hrs.

What should a candidate bring:

  • Transport equipment course: safety shoes + ID proof
  • VCA & BHV courses: only ID proof

Both locations have sufficient parking space. This is how you reach us:

  • Industrieweg 90c, 5145 PW Waalwijk
  • Industrieweg 20, 5627 BS Eindhoven

Passed at the end?

  • Then we strive to send a digital version of the certificate within 2 working days and the original certificate + badge to the client within 5 working days.
  • You can view your VCA registration on https://cdr.ssvv.nl/the next working day.

Postpone or cancel a course day?

  • That is possible. Mail us at info@hollcert.nl or call 0416-764400. For emergencies outside office hours call 06 23509022.

Do you have any further questions?


During office hours: +31 (0) 416 764 400
Outside office hours until 20.00: +31 (0) 623 509 022


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